Route 66 Imitation Vanilla

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The deep mellow aroma and taste of vanilla. Ours is a low alcohol double  strength vanilla that won’t freeze or bake out. An old fashioned blend  of pure and imitation flavors. We think it’s the best!  Just add a  teaspoon to box mixes and pancakes for a delicious homemade taste. A  teaspoon in the coffee pot makes the best tasting and smelling coffee  around.
To compare ours to others, you can do a simple taste test.  Just add teaspoon vanilla and teaspoon sugar to cup milk and  taste. Mmm Mmm.
Some uses you might not think of... Great scent for body lotions and oils. Used by some deer hunters to mask their scent. We’ve been told it keeps the  buffalo gnats away, when rubbed on your face and neck. Want a better  mouse trap?  Soak a shred of cotton ball in vanilla and bait the trap  with it. Simmer on the stove with a few cinnamon sticks to scent your  whole house.

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1 Pint Case (12)

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